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On Robin Richmond 15:34, 17 November 2018 (CST), I made several changes:

  1. I was prompted to edit the article in the first place because I don't believe that the sentence "A previous version of the mod used %replace: which also made it subject to having to rework the mod nearly every TNG upgrade" is accurate at all. So I removed it. The search string, not the insertion string (whether for an insertion or replacement) is much more likely to change with a new version of TNG than an insertion string. Whether the new code is an insertion or a replacement makes no difference at all when it comes to an upgrade.
  2. The first section of the article, "Add Line Rather Than Replace", was really a special case of the second section, "Using Insert Instead of Replace". Thus, I moved "Add Line Rather Than Replace" so that it is now a subsection of "Using Insert Instead of Replace".
  3. I added a section on code fragments.
  4. I was concerned that this article (like another Mod Manager article) might cause readers to try too hard to avoid replacements. So, I added a brief note saying, essentially, that replacements are often necessary, and that insertions can cause conflicts, too. (I consider right and left turns to be a good analogy. Right turns are generally safer than left turns, and a driving route that is designed to use more right turns will probably be safer, and is likely to take less time. But, when you're at an intersection and you need to wind up going to the left, it's almost always better for you to make one left turn rather than three right turns.

One side effect of my changes: I got creative with my Mod Manager target location examples, and used a <div> to shade and outline the example, plus <span>s to color the Mod Manager keywords. I like the result, but those examples are now inconsistent with the <syntaxhighlight> blocks that were already in the article. In particular, the existing <syntaxhighlight> blocks that use language='php' highlight PHP keywords instead of Mod Manager keywords, and might be confusing.

I am happy to change the those <syntaxhighlight> blocks to use my coloring scheme, but I didn't want to make that change without checking in.
- Robin

Please do not change the <syntaxhighlight functions. That is a build in part of MediaWiki and is meant to allow users to copy code sections, which your highlighting might not. Your coloring scheme might prevent code from being copied correctly. Thanks KenRoy (talk) 20:18, 18 November 2018 (CST)--

Mod Manager in TNG v12+ provides several conditional processing tags

The Mod Manager in TNG v12+ provides several conditional processing tags that can be used to resolve conflicts. I have not had the time to update all Mod manager articles but it should be documented somewhere in the Mod Manager Enhancements article KenRoy (talk) 20:23, 18 November 2018 (CST)--