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It would be helpful to have advice on how to add a crawler IP address to the crawler access log. It seems to me that if I add these to the admin > setup > login settings they do not appear in the log at all. How do I get them to show in the crawler access log? Bruce Roy

Bruce, can you provide a bit more details. What new crawlers should be added to the Customized Logs?
The file you need to modify is log_botchecks.php in the extensions folder. Better yet, the mod should be updated to reflect the crawler whose access should be written into the Crawler log.--Ken Roy 15:55, 15 November 2011 (CST)

Bad targets

I have been unable to install customized logs on either of my sites. Locations 6 and 8 do not exist in log.php for 9.2:

log.php: Location6: Bad target ... log.php: Location8: Bad target

I am using customized_logs_v9.2.0.3 on TNG 9.2.0

As it states on the mod wiki page v9.2.0.3 can only be used if you have the revised version of log.php (released earlier by Darrin) intended for the next TNG upgrade to v9.2.1.--Graham Chamberlain 08:00, 26 April 2013 (BST)
As Graham has stated the v9.2.0.3 version which should have been named v9.2.1.3 applies to the log.php fix released on the tnguser2 list the will be in the next upgrade. Use the v9.1.1.2 for TNG V9.2--Ken Roy 06:51, 26 April 2013 (CDT)