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Mod Purpose

While the alternative a "thispagedoesnotexist.html" might be valid, the purpose of this mod is not a general purpose 404 page but rather one that provides a link that allows the user to search for the person ID, in the cases where the person might have been merged with another or the IDs were resequenced,--Ken Roy 17:45, 29 September 2015 (CDT)

Ken, I doubt if you've read the section that I put in or looked at the link. On installing the person_not_found mod you get an output from a getperson.php page such as:

Person not found output.png

On my thispagedoesnotexist.html file you get the following:

Thispagedoesnotexist output.png

I maintain that my page is a lot more attractive than the person not found mod generates even though that is in turn better than the default output. It has a search button that works (unlike the mod) and I might even have added a suggestion to hit the search button!
In addition it works with the 21 other modules in TNG that reference this file.
Why Darrin doesn't appear to have ever documented the need for this file I'm not sure. Chris Moss 13:06, 30 September 2015 (CDT)
Actually, you should probably build your page using the TNG template files so that all the menu bar and pull down menus are displayed and not just the Home and Search, and then you should provide it to Darrin to be included with the TNG distributed files. This mod and its companion source not found mod could then be dropped. --Ken Roy 08:21, 2 October 2015 (CDT)
I presume that he designated this as an html file rather than php as a safety measure: I haven't checked all the uses (most relate to missing parameters) but some are harder to deal with (e.g. problems in an ajx file). Since this only depends on the server it's more robust.
Maybe this is the point we need to talk to Darrin! It would certainly be nice if it was automatically configured to the current template. That could be done at the time the template was changed. I'm not convinced it needs all the bells and whistles. Chris Moss 08:50, 2 October 2015 (CDT)
Ok, having consulted, I realise I wasn't taking the needs of search engines into account. The answer is not to create the file thisfiledoesnotexist.html but to provide the file defined for the particular server that people are using. I've changed my site and the Customisation page. But the fact that this only deals with 1 out of 21 instances remains. Chris Moss 13:49, 3 October 2015 (CDT)