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I have had to remove this mod, sadly. I am fairly certain that it was the culprit for these problems:
(I have three trees - it makes little difference if a default tree is set.)
1. TREES: Once a user searches in one tree it becomes the ONLY tree - the other trees are not accessible (except that a Report listing tree members will work but its links won't).
All the trees end up with the same ID, description, etc and a search for a person in one of the other trees results in a search for that ID in what has become the site's tree. (I realise the relationship display will not show in other than the default person's tree, but this is not the problem. If a default tree is set then the other trees will be virtually inaccessible.)
2. TIMELINE: No matter whose page you are on the user is taken to the default person's page and timeline.
Removing the mod removed the problems.
I'm afraid I am not technical enough to suggest solutions - except that I wonder if setting the default person does something to make that person's tree the default tree.

I will look into this Bruce. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.



There is no mod-version like "NEW with mod v9.0.2.0", as mentioned in the "Custom Text Additions"-text. --ojay