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[edit] [purge] Template documentation

The Obsolete template generates an infobox to the page to provide an indication to the TNG user that the page is obsolete for the reason provided in the notes


This infobox may be added by pasting the obsolete template as shown below into an article.

|notes=reason page is obsolete


By default, the Obsolete template includes a File Cabinet to the left of the text as shown below. If no notes are specified when using the template, the a default obsolete message is generated as shown below

Obsolete Obsolete is now obsolete

by the following default syntax

{| class="ambox mbox-caution" style="border-left: 10px solid #FFFF0F;"
| class="mbox-image" | [[File:Replacement_filing_cabinet.png|50px|Obsolete]]
| class="mbox-text" | {{{notes|{{PAGENAME}} is now '''obsolete''' }}}