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This template defines snippets of text to be included in Robin's mod articles
Usage: {{RobinBoilerplate | text=note name}}

  • top0 = Top-of-page TNGv13 note that does not mention Mod Settings Blocks
  • top1 = Top-of-page TNGv13 note that contrasts TNGv12 Mod Settings Blocks with TNGv13 mod Options:

Mod Options:

  • optionsmsb13 - Options are in Admin>>Setup>Gen Config>MSB
  • optionsmsboth - Options are in Admin>>Setup>Gen Config>MSB. (TNGv12 in RM)

Related Mods:

  • msb = Mod Settings Block
  • imm = Inner Mod Menu
  • fb = Field Buttons
  • smn = Show Mod Names
  • regroup = List of Regroup Person mods, behind a double toggle


  • language OR languageonly = Description of language strings for the Installation section when no files are installed
  • languageandfiles = Description of language strings for the Installallation section when files are installed.
  • v12shared = Text for the Install area that described the TNGv12 shared Mod Settings Blocks library
  • install = Installation instructions

MSB Visualization:

  • msbviz1 = Generic description for a Mod Settings Block visualization
  • msbgenconfig = Second paragraph when the Mod Settings Block is in admin_genconfig.php
  • msbgenconfigboth = Second paragraph & msb12=>Robin's Mods

Language Strings section:

  • language0 = Description of language strings in the subfolder, for admin programs
  • language1 = Description of language strings in the subfolder, for end user programs