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The Tver template is called to generated the TNG version icon in the TNGver template infobox and the icon used in the TNGmod download section.

To generate the icon for TNG version 8.1.2, you would code {{Tv812}} and it will generate the icon to the right of the line

TNG 8.1.2

Related Templates

The following templates are shortcuts for coding the Tver template for specific TNG versions:

Template Coded as Generates
Template:Tv130 {{Tv130}}
TNG 13.0
Template:Tv1230 {{Tv1230}}
TNG 12.3.0
Template:Tv1220 {{Tv1220}}
TNG 12.2.0
Template:Tv1210 {{Tv1210}}
TNG 12.1.0
Template:Tv120 {{Tv120}}
TNG 12.0
Template:Tv111 {{Tv111}}
TNG 11.1
Template:Tv110 {{Tv110}}
TNG 11.0
Template:Tv1013 {{Tv1013}}
TNG 10.1.3
Template:Tv100 {{Tv100}}
TNG 10.0
Template:Tv912 {{Tv912}}
TNG 9.1.2
Template:Tv91 {{Tv91}}
TNG 9.1
Template:Tv90 {{Tv90}}
TNG 9.0
Template:Tv812 {{Tv812}}
TNG 8.1.2
Template:Tv81 {{Tv81}}
TNG 8.1
Template:Tv80 {{Tv80}}
TNG 8.0
Template:Tv71 {{Tv71}}
TNG 7.1
Template:Tv70 {{Tv70}}
TNG 7.0
Template:Tv60 {{Tv60}}
TNG 6.0
Template:Tvall {{Tvall}}

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