Upgrading Mods to TNG V8

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NOTE that this page is for migrating mods from a previous version of TNG. See Mods for TNG v8 for mods that are valid with TNG v8.

Mods eliminated by TNG V8

The following mods are now obsolete (or potentially so) in TNG V8:

  • Admin Header Mod and Admin Header Mod/de by Ken Roy is now an integral part of TNG V8
  • Admin Frame Mod by Roger Clist is now integral part of TNG V8
  • Image Viewer Mod and Image Viewer Mod/de by Bret Rumsey is now an integral part of TNG V8
  • Mod Manager by Brian McFadyen is now an integral part of TNG V8
  • Surname First Mod by Brian McFadyen is now replaced with Surnames First (with commas) option in Admin >> Setup >> General Settings >> Names >> Name Order
  • New Account Form Mod might no longer be needed now that Darrin has changed the $text['comments'] variable to $text['acctcomments'] which might allow you to specify what users need to enter in the Notes field using the normal custom text overrides in cust_text.php without having to install the mod.

Mods that have been reworked

See the Mod Guidelines for recommended naming guidelines for Mod Manager config files.

The config file now includes the source for the admin_backupLiving.php and was updated to allow language switching text variables. Tested with French language only living_flag_backup_v8.1.0_French-English.cfg
pedjson.php now replaced by pedbox.php
NOTE that if you don't define the Default Photo path it uses the Photos path and may cause you to wonder why the mod is not working.
  • Captcha_Mod note that only Roger Moffat's version of the TNG_captcha.php required a change for TNG V8 updated by Roger Moffat
  • Research Link Mod created files compatible with TNG Version 8.02 and all previous versions; update by Gerald Leehan

Following mods were reworked by Brian McFadyen but are not yet linked into the test wiki for download, nor the mod pages updated

  • Cemetery Map default views changes

New Mods added for TNG V8

The following mods have been added since TNG V8 was released.

  • Password Generator adds a 'Generate' button next to the password field on the 'Add New User' page.