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Hans A.M. Weebers


  • Born in the Netherlands in 1948, but living since 1990 in Kranenburg, NRh.Wf., Germany a few km from the Dutch/German border
  • Ancestry from the Netherlands of course but also from Germany (Weber --> Weebers), England (Quaker ancestors), France (Huguenot ancestors) and Corsica
  • Processing engineer, manager in several dutch companies and pensioned off since 3 years
  • Languages: Dutch, German, English and French (basic)

Location on TNG User Map

Genealogy Experience

  • Over 30 years of genealogy research
  • Over 7 years of using TNG, updated to v12


It is my goal to find the identity of my mysterious 4th ggmother from Corsica Polini

My Genealogy Web Site

Hosted Sites

Some unsolved problems

Some tng tools don't function properly in the moment (tng 12.0.1):

  • The Box Name-Size is not being set to the size definied in Setup >> Configuration >> Chart Settings >> Common Elements
  • Integration of Google-earth. By clicking the earth-symbol after a place-name in the event-map Google-earth should be launched. On my site a screen is displayed with the place-name and the geographicla details. (prints to screen?)
  • Relationship Calculationfor (>10 generations produces a blank screen because of the size of the database)
  • Gedcom export of the complete database ((produces a blank screen, because of the size of the database)

See: TNG Community

Changing the coding of the database from ISO-8859-1 (or 2) to UTF-8

Some years ago, I think to remember when I was forced to upgrade to php 5.6, all special characters in the several German and French names, were not displayed correctly anymore. As a consequence I had to change not only the coding of all htm/php files from ISO-8859 to UTF8 but also the coding of several columns in my database. I am extremely gratefull for the support I got from Ken Roy but in the end it was the change-coding mod, created by Chris Moss who did the trick.

Additional software

I use following additional software

TNG Mods added

I have the following mods installed on my web sites:

Private Mods
Name TNG Version Name TNG Version
Template 55, a copy of template 5 with several extensions for Google Analytics Tracking, Advertising, SeeTheStats, Extra dropdown menu, Skype, etc)
TNG 12.0
Hide/Unhide function for paragraphs in long pages
TNG 12.0
Text Search (Ian Fettes)
TNG 11.1
Change Box Name Size - to adjust standard descendant chart name font, standard chart name font, and box chart name font (Ronald Krzmarzick)
TNG 12.0
Mods published on TNG Wiki and installed at Geneagraphie
Add Media Innermenu
TNG 9.0
Add Person Siblings Row
TNG 10.1.0
Ancestor map
TNG 12.0
Bot trap
TNG 10.1.0
Collapsible Standard Events
TNG 12.0
Count Ancestors n Descendants
TNG 10.1.0
Create Site map Mod
TNG 11.0
Custom Hook Menu Mod
TNG 10.0
Customized Logs
TNG 11.1
Default not Living
TNG 9.0
Email Sender's IP
TNG 9.0.3
Family Preview Mod
TNG 10.1.0
ID Analysis (Time-out error!!!)
TNG 11.0
Male, Female Descendant and Parent Ancestor Lines and Notable descendants [1]
TNG 11.0
Media Display Columns Mod
TNG 11.0
Mobile Individual Page Map alt Person Map
TNG 11.0
Persistent Bookmarks
TNG 11.0
Person Not Found Mod
TNG 10.1.0
Public Access Control
TNG 12.0
TNG 11.0
Same Person Link
TNG 11.0
Show Branch Members
TNG 10.1.0
TextPlus Charts
TNG 10.1.0
Mod installed at Veenkoloniale voorouders
Male and Female Descendant and Parent Ancestor Lines
TNG 11.0
MediaWiki Integration
TNG 10.0
Commentics Integration
TNG 10.0


  1. Mod used by Genealogics