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Juergen P. Bourdeaux (Germany)


TNG V12.0.2

Template 12
PHP 7.2.11-he.0
MySQL 5.6.37-82.0-log

used Mods

privat Mods made by me

  • bx_Ahnenreihe-Mod - Menu name "Media" (Medien) becomes "Ancestral Line" (Ahnenreihe)
  • bx_Cookie-Mod - Cookienote without external webservices
  • bx_Customization-Mod - Cosmetic adjustments to my own taste
  • bx_Menue-del-Mod - Some menu links are only displayed after login
  • bx_Place-ISO-Mod - Explanation of how to understand the ISO names of the places
  • bx_Top-100-Orte-Mod - Top-100-Places customization such as Top-100-Names etc.

(current status of 10 Nov 2018)