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My TNG Web site is Bisbee Family Connection currently running a custom template.

William (Rick) Bisbee
William (Rick) Bisbee

I live near Phoenix, Arizona and enjoy Thursday morning breakfast at Denny's with the 'old guys', playing guitar in our weekly Country-Bluegrass jams and being involved in our Homeowners Association Board of Directors.

Obviously I have an abiding interest in family history, but I am also interested in website programming using PHP and MySQL.

I've abandoned my desktop genealogy program in favor of using TNG exclusively. It is perfect for managing input from multiple contributors, and is more flexible than any other program out there in terms of manipulating large amounts of data and producing useful reports.

Currently Maintained Projects and Articles

Project or Article Description
Mod Manager v10 Used to install and uninstall code that modifies TNG scripts. This is a collective project for which I rewrote the processing engine and worked with other developers to fashion a new, collapsible interface for TNGv10.1.
Mod Manager v12 Lead programmer for this TNG community upgrade to Mod Manager. Authored a technical abstract Inside_Mod_Manager_v12 to document the coding for programmers.
Image Captcha Mod A mod to add a captcha to TNG files like the contact form that are set up to use it.
Cust Menu Extension A mod to add a flag to TNG or custom drop down menus to restrict menu items to logged-in users.
Showfolio Mod A TNG mod to show related pages as a single document (folio)
Showfolio Admin Mod A TNG mod to manage folio control files from the TNG admin page
Media Icons Mod A simple TNG mod to turn document icons into a link to the media listing
Family Group Worksheet Adds family group worksheet to TNG site for gathering genealogical information from visitors and invited contributors
FGW Tabs Mod Adds tabs to TNG person and family pages to create a family group worksheet pre-filled with data from TNG
Living Color Mod Adds distinctive color to names of persons who are flagged as living or private to help the administrator immediately spot those who should be protected
Winter A minimalist template for TNG that demonstrates an experimental self installing capability. If there is any interest, other templates might follow.
Add Links to TNG Article discusses how to add various kinds of hyperlinks to TNG for accessing new pages or programs
Multisite Testbed Article describes how to set up a desktop testbed with multiple versions of TNG & PHP