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Richard Falzini

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Occupation: Disabled

Genealogy: I began the research of my genealogy in about 1984 when I starting developing an interest in my family tree when the many members of my family were not able to tell me much about my ancestors.

I started with PAF 5.0 and used this for many years until I felt I needed a better program to work with.

I next drifted over to Legacy which I did like very much although I struggled with the development of making a website there.

I next found myself getting involved with Darrin and his TNG program and have had a great success rate with it.

My website has heavily modified codes as I'm self taught on computer and I learned on my own to write my html codes.

I'm in the process of adding the following mods to my site to better enhance it. The follow mods will be -

Display Social Buttons By Default, Show Siblings, Burial Website Media Import, Change Language Drop lists, Count Descendants, Divorce Indicator, Family Edit Links, Living Flag Display, Display Private Checkboxes, Private Flag Display, Relationship To Site Owner, Setup Help DD Menu, Wikipedia Link, Your Bookmarks Link LB Mod