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Robin Richmond

My Contact Form
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Occupation: College Information Technology Instructor

  • Learned FORTRAN in (OMG) 1970, and did my first Family Tree-Related programming in Fortran in about 1976.
  • Wrote my first PC genealogy software with QuickBasic for 8-bit CP/M machines in the early 1980's. (I used essentially that same application, with static charts copied to the web, until I started using TNG!)
  • Ph.D. Dissertation dealt with MUMPS programming language (now known as M).
  • Used MS Basic family of languages (esp VB Script/ASP) in the '00's.
  • Learned PHP after I bought TNG in August, 2013.


  1. TNGv11
  2. My vanity site

My Mods

I have written a mod called Mod Manager Compare that lets you compare your mods to their TNG Wiki Articles, and see which mods can updated. The search parameters for that program make it a useful way for me to show you my mods too. Note that the Config Filename column is a link to the .cfg file itself.

You can go directly to the Kickoff Form for the report to request a report with other options, if only to see what the mod looks like.

Note that the Mod Compare Report can produce false positives in its comparison between the version number of your mod because it always compares your mod to the highest mod version listed in the Wiki download area. For example:

  • Some mods have variants, such as v10.1.0.4 and v10.1.0.4cl, where the file with the cl suffix has a special purpose that is not of interest to you. If you have v10.1.0.4, which is the highest version number of interest to you, the report will say that there is a higher version number in the Wiki article.
  • If you do not have the very latest version of TNG, the Mod Compare report will be of limited use to you, because it is likely that a number of mods will have new versions that are of no interest to you.

Mods in development

Name Description Status
Place Name Format Upgrade to Place Normalization that
  1. Standardizes Placename formats interactively - not just in the Gedcom Converter, and
  2. Handles non-USA places.
Almost working
Gedcom Converter New version of existing mod that
  1. Uses the new Place Name Format features and Place Name Format
  2. Allows the Place Name formatting function to move funky census locales (such as "Rural" or "Magisterial District 4") to the Residence or Census event description. (Obviously, it's better to do that as the data is entered, but it's too late for that in too many records.
Just waiting for the Place Name Format mod
File Browser Browses through TNG files & folders, displaying descriptions of them based initially on the appendix.html file that is supplied with TNG releases. Working prototype
Places Topdown Search tweaks the end-user Places report to explain what "Localities" are. Working prototype
Track Relatives Uses a variant of ajx_labels.php to count all relatives of a person by generation. Working program; not implemented as a mod
Browse Branches Restricted In browsebranches.php, shows only those branches that the user has rights to. Searches for partial match in branch ID and in branch name separately. Also shows full branch membership count, not just count of records the user can see. Still only lists records the user can see. Incomplete
Snapshot Saves snapshots of database counts into two snapshot tables, to provide a historical record of the growth of the database. For now, the Gedcom Import Monitor mod takes a bit of a snapshot when a Gedcom file is imported. Barely started
Events Table Store primary built-in events into the same table as custom events to facilitate analysis. It's awkwardly challenging, for example, to write a query that looks at all burial events, especially if citations and notes are involved. I don't know yet whether this will wind up being a brand-new table for analysis only, or whether I can add built-in events to the existing events table and flag them so they are not misinterpreted as custom events. Conceptual