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Warren S Gilbert

Warren S Gilbert

Location: Manchester, England.

Occupation: Programmer, Analyst, Database Administrator.

  • Worked for many years programming in IBM Assembler, PL/1, Cobol on IBM mainframe.
  • Then on NCR Teradata Data Warehouse, using SQL.
  • Retired since September 2010.

Genealogy experience

  • Began researching in 2004, paper based.
  • Soon computerised, initially using MS Windows and Legacy Family Tree.
  • Since 2010, using Mac OS X and Reunion.


  • English
  • Father's line from Staffordshire.
  • Mother's line from Lancashire and Cheshire.

TNG Web site

Mods I have written and published

Mods I use that were written by other mod developers

Unpublished mods

  • Admin Gedcom Tools - Reformat Reunion output to meet GEDCOM standards. GEDCOM validation.
  • Branches Sort - Sort branches in people table and families table
  • GEDCOM Import - Set to private if under 18 years
  • Log SQL errors - SQL errors written to Log file
  • More data for admin_users - Add personID to data displayed
  • New account - Notes/comments is a required field
  • Optimize tables - Optimize tables after GEDCOM import and Track Lines
  • SQL only shown for admin user - Force 'test=0' unless '$allow_admin'
  • Statistics - Increase longest lived to 20 entries
  • Suppress branchnames - Suppress branch description in getperson.php
  • Write to Log - For index.php