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Created by Rick Bisbee this tool located under the Analyzer tab was previously provided as a mod. The Mod Conflict Analyzer lets developers examine mods to see precisely how they interact with each other. Two mods changing the same block of code almost always results in Mod Manager errors. You must enable the Show Analyzer tab by setting the Options to Yes if want the Analyzer tab to be displayed.

List of Target Files Modified

The analyzer works by examining every mod in the mods folder and cataloging which target files and which blocks of code each one modifies. It then lists the affected file names in the left hand column. Selecting one of those target files displays a list on the right showing all the mods that change it. Each mod shown on the right has a link to open a section of the page displaying the actual modifications made by the Mod Manager Config file. A user can compare changes to the target file to see where potential conflicts might be.

The Mod Analyzer is a tool primarily for the Mod Developers that displays a list of files that are modified by the mods in your TNG mods folder, whether installed or not, or in a clean up or unable to install status.

You can click the file name in the Select Modified File to examine the changes list to display a list of mods in your TNG mods folder that change the selected file.

Analyzer select file.png

Mods Changing the File

The list returned is helpful not only to find conflicts between two mods but also to know which mods need to be cleaned up and re-install when replacing the given file.

Show Modifications

You can click the Show modifications for a mod in the list of TNG mods to display the changes that the selected mod makes to the file selected in the Select Modified File list.

Analyzer mods changing.png

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