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Caution Steven has posted a work around in Post #43 of the tread so this mod can continue to work on TNG V9.
Note that you may need to look at Post #43, if the link does not position you correctly.
Use at your own risk, since some PHP environments now require quoted text variables as used by TNG since version 8,
and the Google Maps API used in this mod is version 2 which has been declared deprecated for some time. TNG V9 uses Google Maps API version 3.

World Map

Steven Willingale initially posted on the TNG Community Forum a world map that shows all geo-coded locations in the tree. Clicking the pins on the map takes you back to the placesearch.php page.

Event Maps

Steven has posted on the TNG Community Forum

  • worldmap_marr.php
  • worldmap_birth.php
  • worldmap_death.php
  • worldmap_cen.php

On Steven's website he has an updated link with 6 maps:

Script Maps Purpose
worldmap.php World Map maps ALL places that have coordinates entered into the database
worldmap_dist.php World Map Births maps JUST the birth events that have coordinates entered into the database
worldmap_marr.php World Map Marriages maps JUST the marriages events that have coordinates entered into the database
worldmap.death.php World Map Deaths maps JUST the death events that have coordinates entered into the database
worldmap_cen.php World Map Census maps JUST the census events that have coordinates entered into the database
worldmap2.php World Map BMD maps either/or Birth, Marriage, Death, Christening or Burial events in 50 year blocks

Known Issues

  • For the above maps to work you must have geo-coded locations in your tree!
  • It has been noted that double quotes (") in the location name field can cause the script to fall over and display a 'blank' map, for example; Wesleyan "B" Sec. Grave 3021. Rebecca Street Cemetery, Pretoria contains double quotes and is likely to cause the map display to fail.
  • If you have a large number of geo-coded locations the maps may take a (very) long time to display, if at all. On the developers website worldmap.php takes approx 30 seconds to display with 1,850 geo-coded locations. As the other maps above use sub sets of the locations, they MAY be a better option than worldmap.php
  • Dont forget to amend the page to reflect your research; these pages as downloaded have text for the developers website. Instructions for doing this are commented at the start of each file.
  • The worldmap2.php map allows for user selection of dates & events, by default this page has none selected to start with and can thus give the impression that the map is not working! Likewise if a selection is made that has no location/event data the map also displays blank. The developer will seek to amend this, and the problem highlighted by Ken Roy in a future release.
  • Scripts as coded cannot find the configuration files if you are using the Config Path in Setup. --Ken Roy 15:46, 14 October 2009 (UTC)
  • Malformed geocodes will also cause these maps not to work, for example the auhtor has seen geocodes with extra decimal palces such as 51.34.5555 entered when infact the correct geocode should have been 51.3455555
  • People forgetting to edit the page title etc (comments on this are included in each file). The easiest solution is to search the file you downloaded for the word Willingale and replace this with your surname.

Place Maps

Wendel Voigt has posted two scripts that enhanced the worldmap.php in the on TNG Community Forum This new mod can be found in Place Map on the TNG Wiki

  • placemap.php. It now has a legend that includes each of the place levels found in TNG (using the same markers and labels.) Also, each label has a checkmark that enables/disables the location type from showing on the map and sidebar.
  • placemaps.php. (and two helper js files) This version is similar to placemap.php, but clusters markers on the map. If multiple markers overlap, a round red marker with the number of pins that it represents is shown. Clicking on the red marker zooms in far enough until some of the pins no longer overlap. For really large number of markers, this should be faster than placemap.php.

Note that you must rename the two javascripts to drop the .txt from the file name

See also post for corrections to placemaps.php so the javascript code will be found.

Site Examples

You can see the two scripts provided by Wendel in action on his site:

  • Placemap - check the box "Clusters" to see the cluster function working.

You can see a live example of the world map on Steven's site

Related Links

World Map will only display the places that have already been geocoded, that is those places that have a latitude and longitude. See Google Maps - Geocoding Places for more details.