The Historical Gazetteer

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The Historical Gazetteer

The German 'Association for Computer Genealogy' (Verein für Computergenealogie e. V.)
has build a big database, which contain many places of Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark and others.

GOV Coverage.png
Percise details of localizations
The precise indification of places is essential in genealogy.
Unfortunately, too few researchers care in identifying places.
The project "GOV" was initiated to help historians and genealogists with the management of place references and to provide high quality data for anyone.
Over time GOV will evolve into a valuable resource for genealogists, historians and sociologists that allows unified access to a variety of location-based data, and in particular to the facts that are relevant to the work of genealogists:

  • Geographical location of the place (coordinates or a position on a map)
  • Several properties of a place (postcode, town-code, etc.)
  • Foreign or former names
  • Past affiliation (administrative, law, church, etc.)

GOV contains churches, church districts, places, districts, regions, etc.. Internally, an entry is commonly referred to as "GOV object".
In GOV 678,000 entries can be found (as of March 2013).


The site automatically detects the language that is set in the browser and displays in English or German.
If not, you can change the language, if you click in the left menu: "Sprache wechseln" - Then you can select "English" to set the language.


Displaying an object
You can either bring an object of the search to display or directly from a link of the form:<GOV-ID>

Where you must enter instead of "<GOV-ID>" the GOV ID of your target place.

GOV link to the object for Sandy City:
and this leads to the Utah State:

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